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Cannot get communications service to work

May 12, 2010 at 12:08 PM

I have created a web site using the template (VS2010, .Net 3.51), and copied over the sample implementation classes from the download.

I have successfully built proxy class, and can invoke the demo message service

var channelManager = ServiceLocatorSingleton.Instance.GetInstance<IChannelManager>(); 

var demoService = channelManager.GetChannel<IDemoService>();


This is correctly received at the server. However, the server blows inside internal static ICommunicationCallback GetCallback

because callbacks is null.

It seems to me it is never initialized. How do I cause it to be initialized.


NB I have of course tried debugging it myself, but have not untagled your use of your core projects, logger, etc. I've not been able to compile them to get .pdbs available, so find myself quite frustrated. Some instructions about what to put when/where/how would help. For example, the t4 templates don't seem to work, so even if I do compile them all the version numbers would be wrong.